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The Outhouse

The Outhouse

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"The Outhouse" was designed with you and your feline friends in mind! We all know the litter box/ room isn't the most eye pleasing sight. Change that TODAY! "The Outhouse" features a sleek wooden design and a 1st story cabinet with a cat shaped cat entrance designed as a place to keep your litter box, making it easily accessible for your cat to go to the bathroom and easily accessible for you to change the litter! "The Outhouse" also features a suspended "room" with a large cushions, and a napping net/ hammock "The Outhouse" is the perfect place for your cat to take that much needed nap! With 4 scratching posts and a detachable and replaceable hanging ball "The Outhouse" will also become your feline friends favorite place to play!

✅"The Rooftop" is easy to assembly.

✅"The Rooftop" uses deluxe high quality materials.

✅"The Rooftop" is "Suffy approved".

Sizing = 150cm/59" by 55cm/21.7" by 60cm/23.6"

*Litter Box Not Included*

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