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The Loft

The Loft

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"The Loft" is perfect for a house with multiple feline friends! "The Loft" is also amazing for that one cat that just needs to have all the attention! "The Loft" features 10 different scratching posts to exceed all your cat's scratching needs. "The Loft" also features a relaxing hammock, multiple detachable and replaceable hanging balls, and a hanging rope if they are feeling extra rambunctious! "The Loft" also features a loft style "room" which is the perfect place for your cat or cats to relax and overlook their kingdom a.k.a. your house!

✅"The Loft" is easy to assembly.

✅"The Loft" uses high quality materials.

✅"The Loft" is "Suffy approved".

Sizing = 146cm/57.5" by 50cm/19.7" by 50cm/19.7"

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