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The Highrise

The Highrise

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"The Highrise"  is perfect for any cat that loves to be at the highest place they can find! The tall design allows your feline friend to climb to the very top and fell on top of the world! With 6 scratching posts, removable and washable scratching pads "The Highrise" will exceed all their scratching needs! "The Highrise" also features a 2nd story "room" with removable and washable large plush cushion and a napping net/ hammock "The Highrise" is perfect for that cat that just loves to nap! And when its play time "the Highrise" has a hanging rope and detachable and replaceable hanging ball to elevate play time!

✅"The Observatory" is easy to assembly. 

✅"The Observatory" uses deluxe high quality materials.

✅"The Observatory" is "Suffy approved".

Sizing = 166.5cm/65.6" by 58cm/22.8" by 40cm/15.7"

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