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The Condo

The Condo

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"The Condo" is the perfect mix of both rest and play! "The Condo" offers a multi level design for your cat to climb to the top level "terrace" to take that much needed cat nap! The detachable and replaceable hanging balls offer a great escape for your feline friends stressful day! "The Condo" features a "room" on the second level with a ball on spring right outside their front door, so they don't have to go far to get some play time in! 

✅"The Condo" is easy to assembly.

✅"The Condo" uses high quality materials.

✅"The Condo" is "Suffy approved".

Sizing = 145cm/57.1" by 49cm/19.3" by 49cm/19.3"

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