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The Beach House

The Beach House

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"The Beach House" is the perfect place for any cat that is ready to hang out and have a much needed sun bath! "The Beach House" has 3 specially designed places for your feline friend to relax in no matter what mood their in! The first story "room" provides a spot for them to call their own, whether they need a place to sleep or a place to keep their toys. The second story napping net/ hammock will be the hang out spot of the house designed with your cats comfort in mind, this is the perfect spot for any cat that just loves to nap! The top floor bed is the ideal sleeping spot after a long day of vacationing at "The Beach House"! "The Beach House" also offers 2 different scratching posts as well as a multi-functional skywalk made with marital that is designed for scratching!

✅"The Condo" is easy to assembly.

✅"The Condo" uses high quality materials.

✅"The Condo" is "Suffy approved".

Sizing = 112cm/44" by 46cm/18.1" by 46cm/18.1"

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